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Kop-Coat NZ Wood Protection
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  About Kop-Coat New Zealand Ltd.

The Kop-Coat Wood Protection Group is a World Leader with almost 100 years experience in over 30 countries providing innovative protection solution for timber and manufactured wood products.

Kop-Coat New Zealand Limited provides the New Zealand Forest Products Industry with solutions to protect and maximize the value of wood products. Kop-Coat New Zealand develops specially designed programmes to meet New Zealand needs by sourcing from around the world.

Kop-Coat New Zealand's sister company, AGPRO New Zealand Limited, is the leading producer of herbicides and other forest protection products in New Zealand. AGPRO is known throughout New Zealand for high quality products, excellent service, and best values.

Both Kop-Coat New Zealand and AGPRO are subsidiaries of Kop-Coat, Inc., a company dedicated to the protection of valuable products.

Look to Kop-Coat NZ for Timber Protection Leadership in New Zealand:

  • In 1991, introduced the first Comprehensive Anti-Sapstain Programme in New Zealand.

  • Developed the most successful log export protection programme in New Zealand

  • Developed the first programme to protect export logs from "hauler country."

  • Developed and introduced the first Mechanical Harvester Field Treatment programme.

  • Developed and introduced specially designed application equipment for New Zealand Timber and Panel Producers.

  • Introduced the DriWrap® programme, the first programme in New Zealand to protect dry, untreated framing timber from moisture gains on job sites.

  • Introduced the first Surface protection programme for fungi, termite, and water resistance on Export panels.

  • Developed the unique Bazooka® technology for timber and log protection.

  • Introduced the Field TreatTM
    programme to enhance log quality and mill recovery.

  • Developed and introduced a comprehensive Lumber Treat and Log Treat programme for the New Zealand industry.

  • Developed and introduced the TRU-CORE® Technology for the protection of New Zealand timber and manufactured wood products.

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