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Protection of Framing for New Zealand H1.2 Timber Preservation

TRU-CORE® treatment is a new technology which includes a computer controlled in-line process to provide complete penetration of Boron preservatives into dry Radiata Pine, and both dry and green Douglas Fir Timber.(Patent and Patent Pending.) Framing Timber is treated by licensed TRU-CORE® treaters to meet the NZ Standard 3640:2003 Amendment No .1 for H1.2.

All TRU-CORE® treaters are licensed by Kop-Coat and commissioned through Independent Expert review. Treaters are certified and accredited by the Timber Preservation Council (TPC) under the WOODmark® Quality Programme. TRU-CORE® Treated Framing for H1.2 is identified by the WOODmark Symbol, the TRU-CORE® Treated Wood name, the H1.2 Spec, and the TPC Treater number.

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