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Kop-Coat NZ Wood Protection
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  Kop-Coat New Zealand Protection Programmes

Green Timber and Log Protection Programmes Against Stain,
Putrefaction, Cracking, Mould, and Decay

The LumberTreatTM Programme

The Lumber TreatTM Programme is a comprehensive program to help timber manufacturers maximize quality and value from timber resources. The programme includes help in log management through to final timber storage and use.

These programmes are based on highly effective patented products which offer the industry leading cost performance, and excellent health and environmental profiles.

  • NP-1® Plus Sapstain Control Product is a globally accepted product with 15 years of superior performance in New Zealand.

  • Bazooka® Sapstain and Mould Control Product is the newest generation of chemistry. It was developed and tested in New Zealand in parallel with new research in Chile, Argentina, Europe, and North America over the past eight years. Bazooka® works extremely well on Radiata Pine, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Yellow Pines, and hardwood species. It addresses modern timber issues including; stains, moulds, putrefaction and other issues.

    Specialized application equipment, QC/QA tools, and numerous performance additives are offered to meet individual site needs for both domestic and export requirements.

The LogTreatTM Programme

The Log TreatTM Programme parallels the LumberTreatTM programme but focuses on the special needs of log producers and markets for domestic and export log sales. Log TreatTM technology is applied to reduce or stop pre-existing stain development due to delayed log storage and to reduce log cracking in storage and shipment.

The Field TreatTM Programme

The Field TreatTM Programme complements both the LumberTreatTM and LogTreatTM programmes by offering the first effective way of minimizing field deterioration problems.

Easy to use and handle, Field TreatTM products are used effectively for mechanical harvesting and log pile programmes.

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